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Whether you are building your dream home or working on your latest home renovation project, customized cabinets can be the perfect finishing touch. At Stone Art Kitchen & Cabinets in Grande Prairie, our craftsmen will work with your to select the material, style and design of your cabinets, and build them to your exact specifications. With our experience and commitment to efficiently, installation will be simple and convenient.

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Cabinets Types and Materials

We use only durable and beautiful construction materials while creating your customized cabinets, such as:

Solid wood
The durability of natural beauty of solid wood has made it a popular material among homeowners. It is a classic material that can be modified to fit a variety of styles and budgets. While it is more susceptible to wear and tear, it’s hard to beat the beauty of naturally aged wood.
Ultra Pressure Laminate
This material is formed by using pressure and heat to press a number of thinner sheets into one piece of solid material. The result is strong, waterproof and malleable to a number of different surface textures and colours. It is very durable and easy to maintain.
Inspired by the best designs from Europe, Solid Acrylic and Acrylic Faced Doors focus on clean lines and uncompromising symmetry. While both options are solidly constructed and easy to clean and maintain, Acrylic Faced Doors are a slightly better choice for those in a modest budget range.
High Gloss Glass
For those looking for a stylish and modern appearance in their kitchen, glass cabinet doors can accomplish both and will offer a range of customizable finishing options. The glass look creates a more open look and can make your space feel more spacious and less boxed in. It can be tailored to match your unique taste and exact specifications.
For homeowners a budget, matte doors are the most affordable option. Fortunately, with the right finish, especially a gloss finish, it will be next to impossible to spot the difference between matte doors and those made from a more expensive material.

Cabinets Styles

People don’t all have the same style, why should your cabinets? We have experience working in different styles, including:

Contemporary Style
If you are a fan of smooth surfaces, clean lines and a polished appearance, contemporary styling will suit you perfectly. It is based on the principle of keeping things simple and comfortable while avoiding clutter.
Transitional Style
For those open to some experimentation with edgier designs, transitional styling works best by using the best elements of both contemporary and traditional styling. A sleek design that still features just a touch of classical ornateness, this style can meet all your criteria.
Traditional Style
For homeowners who want to veer away from edginess and create a look based around the principles of ornateness, richness, and classic décor, traditional styling is the best option. By basing the appearance on historical furniture and interior designs, and by using a variety of colours and eye-catching motifs, it is possible to breathe new life into styles of materials that are centuries old.

Why Deson

deson Germany Brand
For real quality in your kitchen cabinets, you need to look beyond the surface. Uniquely designed features made from quality and durable materials are what Deson focuses on. We believe that your kitchen is the heart of your home, and we want to make sure that your space is filled with features that will be just as beautiful and effective for decades in the future. We want to create well designed, one-of-a-kind products that will last a lifetime in your kitchen.

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